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Mil-Spec Relays
Crystal Can Relays
Sensitive Relays

Allied Controls manufactures a full complement of relays and sockets for your applications, whether your intended use is consumer electronics, rugged industrial equipment or MIL-Spec integrity. Allied Controls supports your technical requirements and applications by providing you custom products at reasonable cost. On-site engineering and manufacturing resources permit Allied Controls to regularly produce custom products for specialized needs.

MIL-Spec Relays

MIL-Spec relays are those built to meet stringent performances and environmental characteristics that are spelled out for Military/Aerospace use. They are MIL-R-5757 and MIL-R-39016. Allied Control Types are S, WKJ, WJJ, and MH.

Crystal Can Relays

Crystal can relays are those hermetically sealed in small sizes to meet stringent environmental conditions of temperature, shock, vibration and thermal shock. Allied Control types are WKJ, Sensitive, full size - S, 1/2 size.

Sensitive Relays

Sensitive relays are relays that require 100 milliwatts or less of coil power to operate. Allied Control types are SW, TS154, and WJS.


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Series Series / Description Additional Info
S Series Half Size Crystal Can S Series
WJS Sensitive Type WJS
WKJ Full Size Crystal Can WKJ
KHJ, KHY Full Size Crystal Can pdf
JH Miniature 2 Amp & 5 Amp pdf
MH-6, MHB-6 Cylindrical 5 Amp, 2 Contacts pdf
MH-12, MHB-12, MHJ-12 Cylindrical 5 Amp, 4 Contacts pdf
MH-18, MHB-18, MHJ-18 Cylindrical 5 Amp, 6 Contact pdf
MHY 10 Amp Cylindrical Type pdf