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Miniature Switches
Indicator Lights

ElectroSwitch Electronic Products Division was established in 1986 as a new division of ElectroSwitch Corporation, which celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2001. The Electronic Products Division designs and manufactures high quality switch products for electronic applications. Today, OEMs can choose from the industry's widest range of standard and custom electromechanical rotary switches. With skilled, experienced design engineers, the Electronic Products Division has the unique ability to offer custom designed switches to precisely fit virtually any customer requirement in hundreds of applications.


Electroswitch Electronic Products offers a complete line of miniature pushbutton, rocker and toggle switches. Electroswitch acquired these lines from the Commercial Controls Division of Eaton in December of 1999. All these switches are manufactured in the Raleigh, North Carolina plant.


Electroswitch manufactures a full line of Mil-Spec miniature, sub-miniature and standard size indicator lights.

See table below for breakdown of the popular MS25041 press-to-test lights, both dimming and non-dimming. (Click on table to enlarge)


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Series Description Mil-Specification Additional Info
A Series Standard Miniature Toggle Switches   pdf
A Series (M83731 Style) Standard Miniature Toggles, Old M83731 Style   pdf
B Series Standard Rocker & Paddle Switches   pdf
PB Series Pushbutton Switches   pdf
PS Series Snap Action Pushbutton Switches   pdf
RK8000 PCB Rocker Switches   pdf
B8000 PCB Pushbutton Switches   pdf
T8000 PCB Toggle Switches   pdf
WR,WP Washable Rocker & Paddle Switches   pdf
WT Washable Toggle Switches   pdf
Mounting Hardware Mounting Hardware and Accessories   pdf
Wiring & Electrical Diagrams Wiring & Electrical Diagrams   pdf
Circuit Diagrams Circuit Diagrams   pdf
Series Description Mil-Specification Additional Info
01-91180 Series Mil-Spec press-to-test lights MS25041 pdf