Circuit Breaker Accessories

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Circuit Breaker Accessories
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Circuit Breaker Button Caps

These color coded caps can easily be installed and removed from Klixon and similar type circuit breakers. Colored caps are used to "flag" designated circuit breakers for flight check and other purposes. In addition, they greatly improve grip. Won't shake loose and rattle like others can.
Available in 8 different colors.
FAA-STANDARD "Maintenance Support Hardware" APPROVED.

Part Number Color
PE7000-1 WHITE
PE7000-3 RED
PE7000-4 BLUE
PE7000-6 BLACK
PE7000-7 GRAY
PE7000-8 GREEN
Circuit Breaker Safety Lockout Rings & Tags

Prevents the inadvertent closing of circuit breakers connected to equipment that is under repair or removed from the aircraft. Easily installed and removed from Klixon and similar type circuit breakers. Safety locks come both with and without tags.
Rings colors in Natural, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black.
FAA-PMA Approved and FAA Standard "Maintenance Support Hardware" APPROVED.

Part Number Color With Hole
Circuit Breaker Ring Only
S-4933959-1 NATURAL NO
S-4933959-501 RED NO
S-4933959-503 YELLOW NO
S-4933959-505 BLUE NO
S-4933959-507 BLACK NO
Circuit Breaker Ring with Hole Only
S-4933959-509 NATURAL YES
S-4933959-511 RED YES
S-4933959-513 YELLOW YES
S-4933959-515 BLUE YES
S-4933959-517 BLACK YES
Circuit Breaker Ring & Tag Remove Before Flight
S-4933959-519 NATURAL YES
S-4933959-521 RED YES
S-4933959-523 YELLOW YES
S-4933959-525 BLUE YES
S-4933959-527 BLACK YES
Circuit Breaker Ring & Tag Inoperative - Do Not Operate
S-4933959-529 NATURAL YES
S-4933959-531 RED YES
S-4933959-533 YELLOW YES
S-4933959-535 BLUE YES
S-4933959-537 BLACK YES
Circuit Breaker Boots
Part Number Color
14500-1 Clear Boot, 15/32 - 32 NS-SB, Used on Boeing Spec Breakers
14500-4 Clear Boot, 12MM X 1MM Thread, Used on Metric Breakers with Standard Length Button
14500-5 Clear Boot, 7/16 - 32 NS-SB, Used on Mil-Spec Breakers
14500-7 Clear Boot, M12 x .075-6H, Used on Airbus Breakers and Metric Breakers with Long Button - (ex. 5TC/15TC)
Circuit Breaker Amp Rating Inserts
Part Number Amp Rating Part Number Amp Rating
27515-2 1/2 27515-6 35
27515-3 3/4 27515-17 50
27515-4 1 27515-18 Blank
27515-5 1 1/2 27515-19 2 1/2
27515-6 2 27515-20 7 1/2
27515-7 3 27515-22 60
27515-8 4 27515-23 70
27515-9 5 27515-24 75
27515-11 10 27515-25 80
27515-12 15 27515-26 90
27515-13 30 27515-27 100
27515-14 25 27515-28 8
27515-15 30 27515-30 0.25