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Toggle Pushbutton Basics Rocker Limit

Rugged, high performance designs: environment-proof or hermetically sealed. A complete selection includes miniature limit switches, miniature and standard size basic switches, sealed toggle switches and the highest quality pushbuttons.

Manual Switches

Whether you're prototyping a new design or planning to face-lift an existing panel, you'll benefit by considering the wide selection of pushbuttons, indicators, toggles, rockers, paddles and interlock switches available from Honeywell/Micro Switch.

Sealed Basic Switches and Switch Assemblies

Basic switches are either environment-sealed or hermetically sealed. The environment-sealed basics have a watertight seal and meet military specifications. Limit switches are environment-sealed or hermetically sealed, and some are suitable for high temperature applications. They all meet appropriate military requirements. Environment-sealed limit switches come in a choice of sizes and are offered for military aerospace and commercial aircraft applications. Hermetically sealed switches withstand temperatures up to 275°F 125°C), and high temperature hermetically sealed switches will operate in temperatures up to 615°F (334°C).

Sealed Manual Control Switches

Standard size and some miniature toggle switches have bushing seals and are military qualified. Rocker switches also have a bushing seal. Rockers are easy to remove and are available in a variety of colors. Magnetically held toggle switches contain a holding coil to maintain the toggle in the operated position. They have environment-sealing, and most are military qualified.

Series Description Mil-Specification
Aerospace Switches
AC AC, Door Interlock Switches  
AT AT, Toggle Switch Assemblies (6AT, 13AT, 23AT)  
EN EN, Environment-Sealed Limit Switches M8805/65, MS21320, MS24331, MS24420
ET ET, Magnetically Held Toggle Switches M5594
Flight Deck Flight Deck Switches  
NT NT, Sealed Toggle Switches  
SE,XE SE,XE, Environment-Sealed Basic Switches MS27994
TL TL, Toggle Switches MS24523, MS24524, MS24525, MS24658, MS24659, MS24660, MS27406, MS27407, MS27408
TP TP, Rocker Switches  
TS TS, Toggle Switches  
TW TW, Miniature Toggle Switches MS27716, MS27717, MS27718, MS27719, MS27720, MS27721
Micro Switch Mil-Cross Qualified Products Listing