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Developing and manufacturing high quality Electronic Systems and Electromechanical and Electromagnetic components since 1964, L3Harris Technologies continues to provide products and solutions for the military and aerospace markets. Engineering capabilities for Electronic System design include System Integration, Circuit Design, Packaging, and Software. Component engineering capabilities includes Electromagnetic and Electromechanical design, as well as custom design and test of NVIS and Infrared Secure light filters. L3Harris Technologies is fully staffed to satisfy military and commercial requirements for Reliability, Maintainability, Integrated Logistics Support, Configuration Management, Data Management and Environmental Testing.

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Series Description / Mil-Specification
Solid-state Elapsed Time Indicators & Event Counters
PC Board Mount Models DDS100 & DDS101
PC Board Mount RS232 Models DDS232H & DDS232C
Panel Mount Models DDS200 & DDS201
Model 1170-004 SSETI Reader