Product Highlights

AmphenolPcd Inline Junction MOdules

Amphenol PCD Inline Junctions

Amphenol Pcd expands the SJS family with a line of environmentally sealed In-Line Splices developed to bring higher reliability, improved installation ease, and greater flexibility to wiring applications.

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Flame Enterprises stocks a wide variety of circuit breaker accessories. FAA-PMA approved lockout rings, tags, and button caps in a variety of colors.

Master Specialties

Safran Electronics & Defense

Flame Enterprises is proud to announce that we have been appointed a full line Safran Electronics & Defense Distributor. We are currently stocking all of the Primary product lines.

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Master Lock Safety Series

Master Lock Safety Series

Flame Enterprises announces our association with the Master Lock Safety Series, Aviation Safety Lockout Program. Master Lock brings decades of OSHA LO/TO expertiese, the broadest line of safety padlocks and innovative lockout devices, to the aviation industry with effective aircraft safety lockout devices.