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Marl 690

First SwitchTech, DRI Relays Inc.

Since 1954, DRI Relays Inc. (DRI) has been a leader in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices, and mating sockets for applications that require high reliability and long life in harsh environments. Flame Enterprises is honored to be named a fully authorized distributor for the DRI Relay family of products from FIRST SwitchTech. Just as you have become accustomed to, Flame Enterprises is a True Stockist and we will be stocking and supporting relays, time delay relays, and relay sockets. Reach out to our sales department for further information, or you can discuss with one of our Regional Business Development Managers. Product information is available in the new FIRST SwitchTech section of the website, sales contacts are in the Contacts section.

Marl 690

Marl 677 Series

One British-made innovation is celebrating more than 25 years of making a big impact in some of the world’s toughest environments. Marl 677 series LED panel indicator lamp. The 677 series LED panel indicator lamp is a robust, resilient, high-performance, British-made product used in some of the most challenging conditions on land, sea, and in the air. More than 1,000 of the indicators are now sold every month all over the world – including Asia, Australasia, North and South America and across Europe. Click on Learn more for more information.Used in the likes of defense platforms, power stations and Formula One racing car support equipment, the 677 series is designed and manufactured by Marl International, a British business with a global reputation for excellence.Marl, based in Ulverston in Cumbria, designs and manufactures long-lasting, world-first products which have proved their worth over more than four decades.

Marl 690


The new FCC-360-CU4 from TE Connectivity (TE) offers significant size, weight and performance advantages over current products on the market. It is built in a 3 SPST normally open contact configuration, with 2 SPDT auxiliary switches. It is rated at 60 Amps for both 28 VDC and 115 VAC 60Hz/400HZ switching. The double make contact design reduces wear and tear on the contacts over time. When coupled with our efficient coil economizer, this contactor provides an excellent choice for aerospace, defense and marine power applications.

Marl 690

EHC Transilluminated Knobs

Large selection of Transilluminated Knobs. DFARS, ITAR and Buy America compliant. Click here for information, nonilluminated versions available too.

Marl 690

Marl’s 202 Series (T1) and 206 Series (T1¾) Midget Flange LED Bulbs

9.6mm (3/8”) mounting, Professional LED Panel Indicator featuring a high intensity LED element. Integral circuitry has been designed to facilitate an operation voltage range of 8-48Vac/dc,

TE Connectivity

FC-325 Series Relays

FC-325 Series relays from TE Connectivity (TE) are hermetically sealed devices designed for harsh inductive, motor, and lamp load applications in aerospace, defense, and marine markets. Configured as a 3PST/NO (DM), the double make/break contact design of the CII FC-325 Series relays offer higher capability than comparable relays in the market. It shares the load across two contact sets, resulting in less wear and tear on the relay. This provides stable performance and extends the relay’s life. The relay’s all welded design creates a reliable alternative to similar solder sealed relays in the market.

Rebling 700 Series

Rebling Protective Caps & Grommets

Rebling's 7007 Grommets and Plugs are made from aerospace grade EPDM meeting AMS3260B. Grommets and Plugs provide FOD protection by preventing the entry of foreign objects into your high current connectors, and grommets provide additional protection against cable jacket wear

Sensata Precision Switches

Sensata Mil-Qualified Precision Switches

The Klixon® 10AT series are hermetic position switches ideal for extremely harsh and demanding environments as found in aircraft, military,aerospace, and aircraft engines applications. Their new Mil-Qualified 10AT Series catalog has been released.

Marl 690

Torque Values - Safran Switches

In reference to several recent individual reoccurring issues involving the administration of torque values for various Safran Switch series by end users of the product line; Safran will release Technical Bulletins outlining the most common mounting and torque standards relating to the most common customer induced damage non-conformances. In the following weeks, additional technical bulletins will also be released covering the other product lines with associated torque values and engineering data deemed useful to end user applications, i.e.: Circuit Breakers, Relays, and RCCB’s