Product Highlights

Marl 690

EHC Transilluminated Knobs

Large selection of Transilluminated Knobs. DFARS, ITAR and Buy America compliant. Click here for information, nonilluminated versions available too.

Marl 690

Marl’s 202 Series (T1) and 206 Series (T1¾) Midget Flange LED Bulbs

9.6mm (3/8”) mounting, Professional LED Panel Indicator featuring a high intensity LED element. Integral circuitry has been designed to facilitate an operation voltage range of 8-48Vac/dc,

Marl LED 202 & 206

Marl’s 202 Series (T1) and 206 Series (T1¾) Midget Flange LED Bulbs

R202 Series & 206 Series LED Bulbs are used in professional switches. Applications include Aerospace, Submarine, Fighting Vehicles and Simulators. These LED Bulbs are designed to replace the filament bulb in professional and industrial switch tops.

Rebling 700 Series

Rebling Protective Caps & Grommets

Rebling's 7007 Grommets and Plugs are made from aerospace grade EPDM meeting AMS3260B. Grommets and Plugs provide FOD protection by preventing the entry of foreign objects into your high current connectors, and grommets provide additional protection against cable jacket wear

Sensata Precision Switches

Sensata Mil-Qualified Precision Switches

The Klixon® 10AT series are hermetic position switches ideal for extremely harsh and demanding environments as found in aircraft, military,aerospace, and aircraft engines applications. Their new Mil-Qualified 10AT Series catalog has been released.

Sensata Airbus Circuit Breakers

Sensata Airbus

New qualifications by Sensata Technologies for Airbus specifications round out circuit breaker offerings for the entire fleet. We are stocking a wide variety of these breakers and can satisfy your immediate requirements from stock . . .

Leach GFI Relays

Leach International GFI Relays

Leach International has been selected as the supplier for GFI relays for the Boeing Fleet. Flame Enterprises is your authorized source for these hard to find relays. For complete product details and FAA/PMA information, click here . . .

AmphenolPcd Inline Junction MOdules

Amphenol PCD Inline Junctions

Amphenol Pcd expands the SJS family with a line of environmentally sealed In-Line Splices developed to bring higher reliability, improved installation ease, and greater flexibility to wiring applications.

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Flame Enterprises stocks a wide variety of circuit breaker accessories. FAA-PMA approved lockout rings, tags, and button caps in a variety of colors.