Relays & Contactors

Flame Enterprises has specialized in relays supporting the Mil/Aero marketplace for over 50 years. Our sales staff has vast experience in sourcing your relay requirements. See below for an overview of our relay product offerings. We have access and inventory on an even broader range of relay product than listed below. Do not hesitate to ask your Sales Representative about all your relay product requirements.

CII Division

CII high performance, signal level and mid-range. Relays are designed to perform in a wide range of extreme environments in aerospace, military electronics and commercial applications.

  • Electromechanical models ranging from microwave-switching TO-5 to multi-pole, 25 amp models.
  • Solid state relays including versions with built-in circuit protection and other intelligent functions.
  • Time delay relays offering various timing functions and delay times.
Hartman Division

Switching electrical power through out airliners, space shuttles, deep space probes and other highly sophisticated vehicles requires very specialized components - products such as Hartman relays, contactors, and switching devices.

  • Power Relays and Contactors
  • Sensors, Monitors and Timers
  • Power Distribution Panels
Kilovac Division

High voltage relays. Because of their high power handling capability, Kilovac high voltage relays, and contactors are used in a wide variety of applications.

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Non Latching Relays

Hermetically sealed Non Latching Relays for Harsh Environments An electromechanical Non Latching Relay is an electrical switching device. Its function corresponds to a mechanical switch, which is electrically actuated. The main advantages are the electrical isolation of the driving system and the load side, this insulation resistance of the open contacts, as well as the low resistance of the closed contacts.

Latching Relays

Hermetically sealed Latching Relays for Harsh Environments An electromechanical Latching relay is an electrical switching device. Its function corresponds to a mechanical switch, which is electrically actuated Latching relays are types that remain in the last switching to which they were driven, without requiring continuous power to achieve it.

Time Delay Relays

Timers for Harsh Environments FIRST Time Delay relays are relays which includes an electronic timer which allows the relay to switch on an event based on time. Three main operating modes are available. Time delay on Operate, Time delay on Release and Time delay on Command. Time period can be fixed or adjustable with external components.

Qualified to M83536 , M6106, M83726

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Performance Rated Relays

Hermetically and environmentally sealed power relays meet exacting MIL-R-6106 requirements for high- humidity, high-impact and high temperature conditions. Safran Power USA's Sarasota plant has been a leader in environmentally sealed products. We continue to expand this technology and have recently introduced sealed switches and relays featuring glass-to-metal, rubber-to-metal, and metal-to-metal seals.

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Guardian Electric Manufacturing Company is a supplier of electromechanical and electromagnetic components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies to a wide range of industries. Guardian products are used in many applications including: aerospace, automotive, business machines, vending machines, computers, computer peripherals, telecommunications, industrial appliances and many more OEM niche industries.

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