Amphenol Pcd is a Division of Amphenol Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. Amphenol is the world's leading supplier of these products for military and aerospace applications.

Relay Sockets (MIL-PRF-12883)

Amphenol Pcd offers the industry's broadest line of pluggable relay sockets for commercial and military airborne, ground and shipboard equipment. Sockets are to MIL-PRF-12883 specifications, plus specialized requirements, and are supplied in a broad range of military standard and special configurations and styles for 2 through 25 amp operations.

Terminal Junction Modules and Splices

MIL-T-81714 series I Junction Modules QPL-approved MIL-T-81714 modules and MIL-C-39029/1 contacts are available in four standard sizes accommodating 12-26 AWG wires in both feedback and feed-thru types with a full selection of busing arrangements. To see the complete MIL-T-81714 Series I Terminal Junction System click on the link below below or scroll farther down for product specific catalogs.


Backshells are qualified to AS85049 and provide strain relief, environmental sealing and EMI/RFI shielding. Also RoHS compliant, they are available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and composite—and come in various finishes. Different designs (i.e. straight, 45, and 90) are available and customization is always an option.

Pegasus Series

The Pegasus Series is Amphenol PCD’s latest innovation in small, lightweight, rugged connectors. Designed for use in harsh environments, Pegasus builds on the successful Luminus Aerospace connector with the addition of EMI shielding. EMI shielding is provided by electroless copper and nickel plate, with a copper alloy spring finger gasket to ensure shell to shell conductivity. Tests show between 60db and 40db of attenuation, depending on frequency. This combination of light weight, small size, and EMI shielding makes Pegasus the ideal choice where protection against ambient noise transients, or suppression of emitted noise is required, and space and weight are at a premium.

Luminus Series

The Luminus Series are lightweight, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use. With multiple configurations and arrangements available, a solution can be tailored to suite your application’s exact requirements. Proven solutions can be found in single engine general aviation, multiple-engine business and passenger jets, and high performance rotary aircraft. Ideal where space is limited, these innovative, “scoop-proof” connectors feature a locking mechanism that ensures stability, are suitable for blind-mating, and are RoHS compliant.

System Attachments

Designed to secure, guide and manage cable harnesses through aircraft and vehicles, Amphenol Pcd’s System Attachments were engineered with strength, stability and weight reduction in mind. Designed for lean manufacturing, our cable and pipe supports are rugged – able to withstand high vibration and shock, and non-conductive/non-corrosive – able to withstand many harsh environments. Based on the requirement, there are many styles and materials to choose from.



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Commercial Junction Modules Cross to Milspec

Click on any link below to open a PDF information sheet, PDF drawing or product image. These documents are for reference only. To request the latest document revision or to request other documentation, please contact Sales

Series Description / Mil-Specification Additional Info
Modules & Splices
MIL-T-81714 Series I Terminal Junction Module Introduction
MIL-T-81714/1, /6 Feedback & Feedthru Module, Size 22 Class D  
MIL-T-81714/2, /7 Feedback & Feedtrhu Module, Size 20 Class D  
MIL-T-81714/3, /8 Feedback & Feedtrhu Module, Size 16 Class D  
MIL-T-81714/4, /9 Feedback & Feedtrhu Module, Size 12 Class D  
MIL-T-81714/17 Size 22D Class D High Density Modules  
Ground Stud Modules Class D, MIL-T-81714/27 Series I Compatible  
Lightweight Ground Modules Lightweight Ground Modules  
Electronic TJ Modules Electronic Terminal Junction Modules, MIL-T-81714/25, /26 Series I Compatible  
MIL-T-81714/11, /12 Electronic Splices, Single/Dual/Diode  
MIL-T-81714/21, /23 Electronic Splices, Single/Dual/Diode, MIL-T-81714/24 Series I Compatible  
MIL-T-81714/5, /10, /16 Terminal Junction Module Mounting Tracks  
MIL-T-81714 Series II Terminal Junction Modules
MIL-T-81714 Series II Socket Junction Module Introduction
MIL-T-81714/60-22 MIL-T-81714/60-22 Series II, Size 22  
MIL-T-81714/60-20 MIL-T-81714/60-20 Series II, Size 20  
MIL-T-81714/60-16 MIL-T-81714/60-16 Series II, Size 16  
MIL-T-81714/60-12 MIL-T-81714/60-12 Series II, Size 12  
MIL-T-81714/61 Series II Distribution Socket Junction Modules  
MIL-T-81714/62 Board Mount Socket Junction Modules  
MIL-T-81714/63 Stud & Flange Mount Modules  
MIL-T-81714/65 SJS Single & Double Sealed In-Line Splices  
MIL-T-81714/67 Socket Junction Module Mounting Tracks  
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