Flame Enterprises carries Arvan's mechanical and electrical components and assemblies for the Aircraft, Electronic, Microwave and Electrical Power Industries. Arvan has 50 years of industry experience and provide manufacturing of the highest quality plastic parts using injection, compression and transfer molding.

Terminal Blocks

Arvan's terminal blokcs are molded in high quality, dimensionally stable DAP thermoset. They consistently outperform most other engineering plastics in electrical use with excellent dielectric strenght, even at high temperatures and in moist environments.

Electrical Components

Arvan offers a comprehensive line of electrical component parts that meet both commercial and military standards. These parts are designed and manufactured under the most stringent standards, with respect to our commitment to quality. Their parts are resistant to impact and abrasive stress in a wide range of operating environments and are also considerably lighter than those of our competitors. This line includes terminal blocks, boards, lugs, insulators and bus bars, as well as covers, cover assemblies and knobs.



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