Status Indicators

If you are looking for a unique solution for an illuminated status indicator in a commercial application or an electromagnetic latching indicator for a military or commercial aerospace application then we have broadest selection available in the industry. Unique products with application specific solutions is what we provide.


L3 Electrodynamics Inc. is a global supplier of status indicators for the military and aerospace markets. They design and manufactures a wide range of high-reliability and military specification electromechanical, electromagnetic, and solidstate status indicators. Their products include a wide variety of electromagnetic fault indicators and LED indicators and light filters, including NVIS and infrared secure indicators.

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Marl has been adapting leading LED technology to provide innovative, attractive, functional, and cost effective solutions for more than 40 years. Indicators are available in a wide range of mounting diameters and combine features such as ingress protection (IP67), sunlight readability with outstanding orders of operational performance and reliability.

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About the Company

Flame Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1969 on the simple philosophy of creating a ready inventory of Electro-Mechanical items for Military and Aerospace customers who were burdened by the long factory lead times inherent in these products. 

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