Rebling Forever Easy Adapter

Rebling Forever Easy Adapter

The Forever Easy Adapter prevents injuries to female forklift drivers and eliminates the need to replace damaged contacts or cable for the lifetime of the lift truck. No one will strain their chest or arm muscles again while unplugging a connector and no one will harm your truck’s connectors again by yanking on the cables.

Because it’s been a fact of life since 1953 when Anderson introduced the forklift connector, no one complains about the cost and downtime of replacing a lift truck connector’s electrical contacts every 10 months or the muscle injuries women suffer when they try to unplug them; but now you have a choice.

The Forever Easy Adapter snaps onto your existing SB350-style connector and reduces unmating force by 80%. This adapter is designed for Battery Swap charging operations, not for charging operations where the battery is charged while it stays in the lift truck.

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