Rebling - Commercial EMI Cable-Mounted Plug Connector

Rebling - Commercial EMI Cable-Mounted Plug Connector

To meet the EMI and ESD requirements of certain electrified vehicle, energy storage system or control system applications, Rebling offers its two-pole, quick-disconnect EMI-shielded connectors. Our patented bulkhead-mounted EMI receptacle (7009-51) is created using a multiple-stage injection molding process which surrounds the receptacle’s silver-plated copper pins with non-conductive black plastic which is, in turn, surrounded by conductive gray plastic. The conductive gray plastic of the bulkhead-mounted receptacle is grounded to the metal bulkhead as well as to the conductive gray plastic backshell of the cable-mounted plug connector (7020-E) via a conductive gasket (643A1625). The EMI receptacle and plug are not keyable but can be used with the optional magnetic HVIL switch (643A1757).

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